Before LARC GIS, investors and developers would rely on qualitative information from in-market interviews, requiring a considerable amount of time, effort and travel expense only to yield best guesses about given hotel location strength.  Now, from their own desktops, they can get real data informing those decisions, saving, time, effort, and money all while generating a better understanding of a given location.

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What is GIS?

A geographic information system (GIS) is a technological tool that creates, manages, analyzes, and maps all types of data. GIS connects data to a map, integrating location data (where things are) with all types of descriptive information (what things are like there).

LARC GIS Hones in On Data Critical to You

  • Focused exclusively on the hotel industry
  • Enable the user to objectively assess the quality of any
    hotel location or development site in United States
  • All data in the application accounts for competitive supply, incorporating supply in place and new hotels under construction
  • RevPAR Forecasts – Annual RevPAR forecasts for over 19,000 local geographies
  • The LARC Score – A proprietary metric that quantifies the quality of a hotel location in one simple metric

LARC GIS Checks Off All the Boxes

The Right Tool for Lodging Industry Market Participants:

• Lenders

• Equity Investors

• Developers

• Intermediaries/ Brokers

• Hotel Operators

  • Hotel Specfic Tool
  • Customizable Downloadable Data
  • Database Includes All Existing Hotels and
    All Hotels Under Construction
  • All Data on an Inventory-Adjusted Basis
  • Identify Acquisition Targets Based Upon Specific Criteria
  • Identify Location Quality for Specific Demand Segments
  • Compare Location Quality of Hotels
  • Quantify Location Quality for New Developments
  • Location Trade Zones Fully Customizable
  • Forecast Data for Key Demand Drivers
  • Visualize Data Related to Hotel Demand Generator Locations


  • Visualize Areas Strongest in RevPAR
  • LARC SCORE – Incorporation of All Data into One Simple Metric!
  • RevPAR Forecasts – Annual RevPAR Forecasts at the Hyper-Local Level for 5 Years!

Data Incorporated into LARC GIS – Down to a City Block

  • Economic Activity (current and 5-year forecast)
  • Office Employment (current and 5-year forecast)
  • Population (current and 5-year forecast)
  • Retail Sales (current and 5-year forecast)
  • Meeting Space (current and 5-year forecast)
  • Leisure Demand
  • RevPAR (current and 5-year forecast)
  • Vehicle Traffic, Floodplain and Sea Level Data

LARC Score

The LARC Score is one simple metric that quantifies all of the metrics that go into LARC GIS for every hotel and every development site in the country. It is one simple metric that objectively quantifies the quality of a given hotel location in terms of its proximity to demand generators relative to competitive supply.  The LARC score enables a user to compare hotel locations across geographies in a purely objective and analytical way. The LARC Score also has three sub-scores for every hotel or development site, based on its strength related to the three primary hotel demand segments:

  • Corporate Transient Score
  • Group Score
  • Leisure Score

Heat Mapping Data with Hotel Overlays

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Data heat-mapped out to
the city block group level

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LARC GIS database includes more than 40,000 existing hotels across the nation

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LARC GIS database includes more than 1,100 under construction hotels across the nation

LARC GIS database includes more than 400 convention centers across the nation

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All the factors needed to understand where demand generators are across the corporate, leisure and
group segments

Data provided on an
inventory-adjusted basis

LARC GIS - Property Dashboard

LARC GIS enables the user to view and download data tied to a user-defined trade zone for any hotel or development site in the country and compare it to the market average, the national average and other hotels.

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LARC Score

Trade Area

Data by Trade Area, Market Average and National Average

5-Year Forecast Data

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Trade Area
Data Available

  • RevPAR
  • Leisure demand per Room
  • Office Employment per Room
  • Retail Sales per Room
  • Economic Activity per Room
  • Meeting Space per Room

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